When to Visit Bocas Del Toro

by | Oct 17, 2022 | Things to Know

When to Visit Bocas Del Toro

The best time of year to visit Bocas de Toro depends on what you’re into.

This tropical rainforest region experiences high temperatures and high humidity. While the days are usually sunny, it should be expected to experience rain at any time during the year. It doesn’t always rain all day long, but be prepared for showers once in a while to cool things off.

January, February, and March are the months which see the highest number of tourists. For parties, that’s usually a good thing. For empty beaches, lower prices on accommodations and availability of activities – it normally means the opposite. The best time to visit Bocas del Toro depends on your preferences.

February and March are the driest months, with good waves and beautiful weather. If you want to enjoy more of the beaches, you can visit Bocas del Toro in the dry months.

April and May can be cloudy with a little bit more rain. The wettest month is July, with an average of 20.3 days of precipitation during the month.

October is the best time to visit Bocas del Toro for snorkeling. The water is clear and calm, which makes diving opportunities much more plentiful.

The drier season in Bocas del Toro is 4.7 months long, from December 7 to April 29. The average rainfall in Bocas del Toro varies from month to month, depending on the time of year.

When to come to Filthy Friday

The short answer is – any time!

Filthy Friday happens every single Friday during the year, with just a few exceptions, normally during the later months of the year, (October through December). Make sure to check out our calendar of events to see if there’s a party during the weekend you plan to visit.

Filthy Friday happens rain or shine, and is equally fun either way. Sometimes it’s really special to see everybody dancing in the rain. Those parties are usually the craziest and most memorable ones. It’s also probably the last time you’ll see hundreds of kids partying and not a cell phone in sight.

If you plan to come to Bocas during the low season, Filthy Friday is just as much fun with 200 guests as it is with 600. An intimate crowd gives you more space on the dance floor and a chance to get to know more travelers, while a crowded party gives you an intense energy you probably will never forget!

We get a lot of feedback from our guests, and one thing is certain – nobody ever complains about the size of the party – and that includes big parties and small ones.

Scuba diving and free diving in Bocas del Toro

Bocas del Toro’s weather is temperate all year round, but the best months for scuba diving are February, May, and September. These months are known for their flat water, clear visibility, and warm temperatures, making them the best times to dive. The area offers an amazing variety of marine life. You can even see sharks here, including the hammer-head shark and the bull shark.

Scuba diving in Bocas del Toro is one of the most popular activities on the island. The area has more than 15 dive sites, including reefs, caves, and deep channels. You can also see dolphins and other sea creatures. It’s a great place to learn how to scuba dive, and even get your PADI Open Water Certification.

Scuba diving in Bocas del Toro is also a great way to explore the mangroves. This area has coral reefs that are protected by mangroves, which provide a habitat for marine life. These coral reefs are home to a variety of marine creatures, from spotted eels and lobsters to nurse sharks and rays.

Hospital Point is another site that’s perfect for beginners and experienced divers alike. It’s only a five-minute boat ride from town and is over 6ft deep. The reef is teeming with lobster, hermit crabs, rays, and nurse sharks. It’s one of the archipelago’s most popular dive sites.

Tours in Bocas del Toro

If you’d like to see turtles up close and get a glimpse of the local wildlife, consider taking an eco-friendly turtle watching tour in Bocas del Toro. This region is home to four different types of sea turtles, including the leatherback and loggerhead. The green turtle is a migratory species and nests in Bocas. It migrates from Tortuguero, Costa Rica, to the nearby Isla Colon.

Many of these animals are in danger of being killed because of human activity. There are several different eco-friendly turtle watching tours in Bocas. While you’re in the region, you’ll get to observe the turtles as they nest. The hatching process usually occurs at night, but this can happen at any time of day. Tours cost around $35 per person and include round-trip transportation from Bocas Town.

You can also try out a quad biking tour in Bocas del Toro. This tour takes you through the jungle and along the coast of Isla Colon, stopping at cenotes and deserted beaches along the way. It’s not all about turtle watching though, and you can also try other activities, such as surfing.

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