VIP Bottle Service Registration


  1. Each VIP Ticket is currently $75USD. (Prices subject to change on larger events)
  2. VIP service covers the entirety of the party, from 11:30am to 9:00pm. (Nothing more, nothing less!)
  3. By purchasing the VIP ticket, you get access to our VIP areas, bottle service, boat priority and the other things outlined on the website.
  4. Any other perk not mentioned above (personalized merch, private boat and others) is NOT included and must be discussed previously with FF and purchased separately.
  5. Your VIP Host can help you secure items during the party, however is not responsible for any items or personal tasks outside of the party.
  6. Space is limited in the VIP areas and logistics across islands are complicated, so guests without VIP bracelets are not allowed in.
  7. Bottles ordered on-the-spot are subject to a 20% charge. You will be able to preorder your bottles on the following page.
  8. VIPs are still subject to our basic rules about drugs, safety, and conduct.


Please submit the form below. On the next page, you will purchase your VIP tickets and pre-order your bottles.

VIP / Bottle Service Group Application
*This person will be the person responsible for the group.
Please make sure to check our calendar of events

Please Add Information For Your VIP Group Members (Add Members with "+" Button)