Filthy Friday VIP: The Ultimate Bachelor Party in Paradise

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Filthy Friday Bocas

Living the Dream in Panama

Bocas del Toro is a Bachelor Party Heaven!

Congratulations, brother! It appears that you (or one of your life-long companions) is about to fully send it into matrimony – Leaving behind the pleasure driven utopia of a single man’s antics and transitioning into the valiant roles of responsibility, compassion, granite countertops and unconditional love. What a journey it has been thus far! He’s lucky to have her, and he’s even luckier to have picked up his short list of guys along the way. As a best friend, it’s your new job to support him on this endeavor and send him off with an atom bomb of fun. What a lucky gal she is, and what a lucky group of friends you are!

Filthy Friday Bocas

Fully Sending it Into Matrimony


We Facilitate Fun, Unforgettable, Organized Events

Apparently, your internet searching skills (or Facebook’s incredible targeting algorithm) has landed you on one of the most important blog posts you’ll ever see. It’s a blog post specifically with you and your best friends in mind. And written by a group of folks who know exactly what you’re going through, and more importantly what you need to execute in a moment like this. You’re looking out over the once-in-a-lifetime “massive opportunity valley” where a boys’ trip never again to be topped is within striking distance.

Filthy Friday Bocas

An atom bomb of fun in the Caribbean

All-Inclusive Panama Vacations are Our Specialty

It appears that it’s time to make some serious power moves by choosing a location, accommodations, activities, and most of all party planning, a set of variables that need to be deemed worthy for a group of friends of your caliber. Sending off any legend requires a legendary plan of action. And if you’re looking for an organization who appreciates providing this type of experience – you’ve found it. We were all born to have fun, no matter what anybody says. As an organization, we have successfully created our livelihood from having fun, and creating fun and organized opportunities for others.

Filthy Friday Bachelor Parties in Bocas del Toro, Panama

Filthy Friday Creates Unfogettable Experiences

Filthy Friday Bocas is the Ultimate Panama Bachelor Party Destination

Filthy Friday Bocas is one of the pinnacle examples on earth of “creating fun out of nothing” – and with over 20,000 guests  and 115 weeks of execution in a row – we have proven our capabilities as organizers and facilitators of world-class experiences in underdeveloped (and thus incredibly beautiful) areas of earth. If you’ve never heard of it, Filthy Friday is a three-island pub crawl happening every Friday in Bocas del Toro, Panama – where hundreds of beautiful travelers from over 30 countries get together to share 9 hours enjoying cold drinks, amazing music, turquoise water and of course – bikinis – together as one mobile party gang.

Filthy Friday Bachelor Parties in Bocas del Toro, Panama

Some Israeli Army Women Enjoying Their Time Off in paradise

The Most Unique & Rousing Party Experience in Panama

Filthy Friday has been commonly dubbed “the best party I’ve been to in my life” by a wide enough sample group, spanning a wide enough area of the globe, that we’re confident in saying, “it’s probably the best party you’ve been to in your life”. At the very least, the most unique. And rightly so, bachelor parties love it. As a tropical destination that’s fairly off the grid (it requires at least 2 flights to get here) – what’s the point in limiting the fun to a single day? Our bachelor party formula (which can always be altered to your budget and needs) – revolves around a four day, three night itinerary, which has been tested to the 9’s to strike the ultimate balance of fun, relaxation, party and adventure – that will leave even the frumpiest groomsman giggling with satisfaction. We’ll break down the entire four days here. OR, enter your email below to download a full color PDF of what’s available:

Panama City is Vegas with Colonial Flavor and a Latin Twist

“So what the hell is going on in Panama?” you’ll wonder. Panama has a lot going on. The last hundred years of commerce since the construction of the Panama Canal have constructed a sprawling waterfront metropolis, set against the jungle and the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, filled with high rise luxury towers, first world comforts, and Spanish colonial charm. Imagine similar Vegas-style thrills with a latin flare. Casinos, world-class restaurants of all Culinary styles and budgets, breweries, rooftop pools and bars, and whatever you can handle for your first night in Central America.

Panama City Casco Viejo

Modern Skyscrapers and Colonial Charm

The Bocas del Toro Islands are Mischievous and Stunning

The next day things begin to get even more interesting as we board a 1 hour puddle jumper flight, over untouched islands and nameless beaches, towards the Caribbean paradise of Bocas del Toro, Panama. This ex-pirate-haven was once the location where Christopher Columbus careened his ships for repair – many of the islands are named after him – and it feels oddly enough like stepping back in time, with a looming energy of fun and mischief that has existed here for centuries. Later the area became famous for it’s banana plantations and exports, and still borrows its wooden and balcony-centric architecture from New Orleans due to trade routes of the past. This area became a mini-tropical afro-caribbean haven for early jazz and a buzzing nightlife scene.

Filthy Friday Bocas

Untouched Islands and Beaches


Eight Islands For You To Explore Over Four Days of Fun

Geographically, this archipelago of eight islands in close proximity to each other provides a unique playground of nature and entertainment options that even a seasoned world traveller would dub as 100% unique. One of the islands, Isla Colón is home to about 4,000 people and most resembles a “town”, while the others are mostly untouched nature reserves, mangroves, and white sand beaches waiting to receive whatever modern pirate chose to think about them on any given day.

Bocas del Toro

Bocas del Toro from Above

Visit Our Pirate Paradise and You’ll Understand!

This one of a kind environment will set the backdrop for the remaining 3 days of your stay. Filthy Friday, followed by (most commonly) a 60 foot catamaran party filled with new friends from the day before, and either a relaxing or adventurous final day, or an adrenaline pumping, high octane ATV adventure for those who have the energy, will close it all out. This is an all-inclusive experience, including airfare, waterfront island accommodations, a private chef and boat captain, drinks, ice and mixers on the house, and a personal guide to assist you for the entire duration of your stay.

Filthy Friday Bocas

Filthy Friday From Above

Now, let’s get the boys on board to Panama!

This experience is unparalleled and constructed specifically for bachelor party groups such as yours. If you’d like us to send you more information (no obligations) – just enter your name and email into the box below for an instant downloadable PDF outlining your bachelor party options.

See you soon in Paradise!

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