1. VIP table is $199 for 1-4 people
  2. Two extra people can pay $49 each to be added to the table (6 max)
  3. Filthy Friday ticket and alcohol bottles are not included in VIP table costs
  4. VIP Service Covers the entirety of the party, from 11.30am - 9pm 
  5. Any other perks not mentioned in the above (‘included information’), is NOT included and must be discussed previously with Filthy Friday and purchased separately.
  6. Your VIP Host can help you secure items during the party, however is not responsible for any items or personal tasks outside of the party.
  7. Space is limited in the VIP Areas and logistics across islands are complicated, so guests without VIP bracelets are not allowed into the VIP Area.
  8. Bottles ordered in venues are subject to a 20% surcharge. You will be encouraged to preorder your bottles during checkout on the website.
  9. When you open a tab at any of the bars, your VIP host will keep your credit card on file until the tab is paid in full. You will be asked to close at the end of each venue.
  10. VIP’s are still subject to our basic rules about drugs, safety and conduct.

VIP TABLE – October 21, 2022

From: $199.00

Bottle Service

Over 100 premium bottles of Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, Gin, Tequila, and Bubbles  (Each bottle includes 4 cans of mixer or 1 carton of juice)

Designated VIP Areas

Enjoy covered VIP areas with private tables, comfortable seating and bean bags at each of our 3 venues

Priority Boat Service

Leave to the next venue whenever you want on your own private boat

Personal Host

Our VIP host will personally attend to your needs throughout the day

Private Security Guard

Our security staff will watch over the private area at each venue

Beer Tabs

Create a tab at each venue for all beers purchased during the event

Food Tabs

Pay at the end of each venue for any food purchased at our 3 venues

Priority Dinner Service

Pre-order your dinner meals and have them hot and ready for you upon your arrival to the 3rd island

Limited edition party shirts

Receive an exclusive "VIP-Only" T-shirt or tank top

One complimentary bottle of Bubbles

Receive a complimentary bottle of bubbles for each table to jumpstart your celebration.

Servicio de Botellas

Más de 100 botellas premium de whisky, ron, vodka, ginebra, tequila y bubbles (cada botella incluye 4 latas para mezclar o 1 cartón de jugo)

Áreas VIP Designadas

Disfruta de áreas VIP cubiertas con mesas privadas, cómodos asientos o pufs en cada uno de nuestros 3 lugares

Servicio de Barco Prioritario

Sal al próximo lugar cuando tu quieras en un barco privado

Anfitrión Personal

Nuestro anfitrión VIP atenderá personalmente sus necesidades durante todo el día

Guardia de Seguridad Privado

Nuestro personal de seguridad velará por el área privada en cada recinto

Cuenta Para Cerveza

Crea una cuenta en cada lugar para registrar todas las cervezas compradas durante el evento

Cuenta de Comida.

Paga al final de cada lugar por la comida, por cualquier comida comprada en nuestros 3 lugares

Servicio Prioritario de Cena

Reserva tus opciones favoritas de la carta para tenerlas calientes y listas para ti en cuantos llegues a la tercera isla

Camisas de Fiesta de Edición Limitada

Recibe una camiseta o camiseta sin mangas exclusiva con el mensaje "VIP-Only"

Una Botella de Bubbles de Cortesía

Recibe una botella de bubbles de cortesía para cada mesa y asi impulsar tu celebración

From: $199.00


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