Filthy Friday On-Boarding

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Safety First!! A guide to making the most of your Friday at Filthy Friday Bocas.

Filthy Friday On-Boarding

Welcome to Filthy Friday! Filthy Friday isn’t for the faint hearted, so to ensure you have a Safe and Filthy experience please carefully take the time to on board yourself.

The Schedule:

Party starts at 11:30am at Barco Hundido, Isla Colon, make sure you come early to make the most of it!

At 1:00 pm we will leave by boat from the Barco Hundido dock to the second stop: The Blue Coconut, on Isla Solarte. (note: make sure you arrive on time, as if you arrive after 1:00pm you run the risk of having to take and pay for your own transportation to Solarte)

At 5:30pm we will leave by boat from the Blue Coconut dock to the third stop: Aqua Lounge, on Isla Carenero for the ”Sunset Sesh”. There the party continues until 9:00pm,.

The Rules:

  1. WHAT HAPPENS IN FILTHY FRIDAY STAYS IN FILTHY FRIDAY!!! CELL PHONES ARE PROHIBITED at the party, so we recommend leaving your phones at home. However if you need to use your phone please go to the designated ‘PHONE ZONE AREAS’ to use it. If we see you using the cellphone anywhere else during the party we will politely confiscate it until the end of the party. 


  1. We are under extreme pressure from the government because of COVID regulations. Even though we’re all vaccinated, it is mandatory that you wear a mask at all times during the party. You don’t need to actually have it covering your mouth, but at least have it under your chin, this really helps us!


  1. We are trying to do our part for the environment, so your first round of drinks will be $6 and beers $3, because you will get a mandatory, non-refundable reusable cup that costs $1, which means next drinks will be $5 and beers will be $2 with your cup. If you lose it, you will need to buy another one. These can be purchased at any venue.


  1. DO NOT bring anything valuable, you don’t need your Passport or credit cards. Please don’t leave your things unattended. If you do bring something that you don’t want to lose, we provide a BAG CHECK at BLUE COCONUT and AQUA LOUNGE that costs $1 for the whole day. PLEASE USE IT!


  1. All the bars are built over the water. This means the floor gets slippery and the poles that support the bars have barnacles/shells that can cut you if you graze them. PLEASE DO NOT run around or push anyone into the water. And please DO NOT hold or grab the poles. However should you hurt yourself at any point during the day we have certified lifeguards to assist you.


  1. DRUGS are STRICTLY ILLEGAL in Panama. PLEASE DO NOT CONSUME, BUY OR SELL at the party. If our security staff see you doing any of this, they have the obligation to remove you from the party. NO ALCOHOL can be brought inside the party, our security will check your bottle and confiscate it, if it’s alcohol. Water and snacks are ok!


  1. DO NOT JUMP OFF THE BOAT WHILE IT IS MOVING!! This is extremely dangerous and life threatening. If we see you doing this we will instantly remove you from the party. 


  1. Transition times – You can leave anytime during the party but if it is not within our transition times you will have to pay for your own boat. Once the party has finished the boat back from Aqua Lounge to wherever you’re staying is NOT INCLUDED. We have a Water Taxi station at Aqua Lounge (last Venue) with purchasable boat tokens so you can get a safe boat ride home and you don’t have to bargain with any boat drivers.


  1. Liability Waiver – When you arrive to pick up your ticket you will be asked to sign a liability waiver, this is a form we ask you to sign to accept our release from liability for damage or injury during the party. It also allows permission to use content we may capture during the party by our party photographers, and which may be used in future social media and promotion content for the party.


  1. AFTERPARTY – Official FF after party will be held at MALAMORE and will start at 10pm!


Smaller yet Important points:

– 1st and 3rd venue accept Card and Cash, 2nd Venue CASH ONLY

– Food available for purchase at every venue!

– Temporary Tattoos are ONLY at the first 2 venues.


AND Please pace yourself. It is a LOOOONG DAY!!!



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