The Official Filthy Friday Playlist is LIVE on Spotify

by | Apr 10, 2020 | News

Congratulations, Filthy Fam! Now you can tap into the Filthy Friday vibes wherever (and whenever) you please – on desktop and mobile devices via the Spotify App.

The Filthy Friday Official Playlist has been released, featuring over 400 hand selected songs by our resident DJ Fabio, who has been making people dance in Bocas del Toro’s unique nightlife scene for over a decade.

This hand picked selection of songs represents 24 hours of music that over 50,000 party guests from over 100 countries all over the planet have enjoyed the most, during the party’s 3+ year existence, and spans all musical genres: from Reggaeton to Pop, Electronic, EDM, House, Rap, and Rock music.

Try to listen to it all at once (if you are ready for a wild 24 hours) or just throw it on shuffle for a full Filthy Friday effect.

Live in the spirit of Filthy Friday on your adventures, in your home, at work, on the bus, in an airplane, in your car, or maybe even having a #filthyencasa of your own.

Hope to see you soon in Paradise!

– FF Crew


Filthy Friday is a 9-hour island party crawl happening every Friday in the Caribbean archipelago of Bocas del Toro, Panama. You can find more tickets and information at


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