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What is Filthy Friday?

Filthy Friday is weekly Island Party Crawl happening every Friday from 11:30am to 9:00pm in three locations across three different islands in the Bocas del Toro archipelago, off Panama’s Caribbean coast

How much does it cost?

Currently, the price of the ticket is $40 USD + taxes & fees (except for special events, like our New Year’s party, where the price is usually higher). During special events like holidays, the earlier you buy, the lower the price of the ticket. We have a waiting list system for this, so head to our tickets page and sign up for notifications about your event.

What is included in the ticket price?

With the ticket you get:
• A Filthy Friday tank top (color and sizes are subject to availability)
• A Filthy Friday drawstring bag for your belongings
• Access to all three venues
• Transportation between islands (transportation home, however, is NOT included and costs $1)
• A Filthy Friday temporary tattoo
• Several of the free shots our staff will be providing throughout the party

Are the spaces limited?

Yes. For safety and security reasons, and while COVID restrictions last in Panama, our party is currently limited to 400 guests.
Note: After COVID restrictions are lifted, we expect our capacity to go back to 600 guests.

Where can I purchase the tickets?

Due to our limited spaces, we strongly recommend you purchase your ticket online, by clicking here.

Note: As long as COVID restrictions last, tickets will be made available only for the immediately upcoming party, between 72 and 48 hours before each event. We strongly recommend you sign up to your desired date’s Waiting List so you can be notified as soon as tickets are available!

If, however, you wish to pay cash or get your ticket once in Bocas, we start selling tickets on Thursdays, from 5:30-9:30PM, on E Avenue, right in front of Selina Hostel. (Google Map)

If you wanna risk it and wait till Friday morning to get your ticket, we start selling at 9:30AM at our office, across from Selina Hostel. (Google Map)

PS1: **Be advised that tickets purchased in our shop (cash or card) will have a $5 surcharge—that is, they will cost you $45 + VAT.**

PS2: **Depending on the demand, the price of Friday-morning tickets (if available) might be higher**

**Remember, spaces are limited and there is a very high probability that by Friday morning (or earlier!) we’re sold out! Please purchase your tickets online, as far in advance as possible! **

What’s the itinerary for the day?

Filthy Friday starts at 11:30AM at Barco Hundido, located on Isla Colon’s 1st Street. Around 1:30PM we start moving towards The Blue Coconut, built upon a mangrove on Isla Solarte. Finally, around 5:00PM we head towards Aqua Lounge, in Carenero Island, where the party goes on till 9:00PM.

Again, the boat rides to and between locations are included, except the one to your hostel/hotel/home.

Why should I purchase online?

Crazy parties in paradise are fun, but need a high degree of organization, which translates into safety and security for the attendees. Purchasing online allows us to have important information in case of accidents while providing us with a valuable data set to tailor the party to your needs – (where do our customers come from?, what’s their average age? And so on) and connect with you via social media. Besides, you get to request songs to the DJ. How cool is that?

What if it rains?

All of our venues have big, roofed areas, so it’s extremely unlikely that rain poses a problem. In the case of a massive tropical storm (a hurricane or something), it might be necessary to cancel the event. But this possibility is extremely unlikely.

Is there food available?

Yes. All of our venues have food available for purchase. Prices are around $10 per meal.

Can I pay by card at the venues?

Yes and no.
You CAN pay by card at Barco Hundido and Aqua Lounge (the first and last venues).
You CANNOT pay by card at the Blue Coconut between 2 and 5pm (Cash only, sorry).

Can I bring my own booze?

Nope. Drinks will be available for purchase at each of the venues and bringing in your own booze is strictly prohibited. Seriously, our security team is instructed to thoroughly check all bags!

Can I bring my own water?

Yes. However our staff will check any water bottles to make sure it doesn’t contain any alcohol, so be warned.

What’s the price of drinks?

The cheapest beers go for $2, and cheapest mixed drinks will cost you $5.

Why do I have to pay for the cups?

The Bocas del Toro archipelago has serious waste management problems. Thus, a system of reusable plastic cups makes a great deal of sense to us to limit the amount of trash our party produces! The cup costs $1 and works for the entire day. Take it home and reuse it again and again!

What about my valuables?

As a general rule, we advise our each and every one of our guests to bring as few valuable objects as possible.

However, if you do have to bring your smartphone, passport or whatever, don’t worry. We have a Bag Check area both at the Blue Coconut and at Aqua Lounge for just $1 where you can leave your stuff for us to keep it safe.

But please, remember to pick it up before each party ends! It’s not nice to be chasing people around with their stuff, and we are not responsible for any lost items or items left at any venues that were not checked into  our bag check.

Should I bring my ID?

It is not necessary for us to see your passport but having any other ID with proof of age (national ID card, driver’s license, social security card, whatever) would be a good idea both for age and identity checking and, in general, for you to be on the safe side if anything happens.

I won’t be able to make it on time to the first venue. Can I still join?

It depends. If your ticket is paid, your spot is guaranteed. You can join whenever you want, but the transportation to wherever you decide to join is on you.

If you haven’t paid, your spot is subject to availability. We have a limited capacity, and thus we can’t guarantee there will be spaces available if you decide to join once the party has started.

IMPORTANT: Whether you have purchased tickets or not, PLEASE stop by our shop to check in, get your bracelet, kit and briefing. After this, you will receive instructions as to where and how to join the party.

I can’t attend the party, but I love your tank tops. Is it possible to buy them separately?

Of course. In our shop you will find a lot of merchandise with our brand, the perfect souvenir for you and your friends at home! The Filthy Shop is located inside of Licores Malamore and it’s open Monday through Saturday from 11:00am till 9:00pm.

Can I swim from Aqua Lounge back to Isla Colon?

Absolutely not! While it may seem like a short swim, the water between Carenero and Isla Colon is full of boats passing by. Seriously, do not under any circumstance attempt to swim back to the main island!

Are there any group discounts?


Do you guys have a first aid kit?

Yes we do. And at least a couple of certified lifeguards to take care of the party’s safety.

Why don’t the shirts say “Filthy Fuckin Friday” anymore?

We know, we know… we had to discontinue the infamous FFF design for reasons of political correctness. You know, sponsor’s rules, a few scandalized customers and all that.

If you like the FFF design, though, don’t worry! FFF Shirts are available for purchase at the Filthy Friday Shop.

Both the words Filthy and Friday have six letters, F is the 6th letter of the alphabet and Friday is the 6th day of the week. Are you guys affiliated in anyway with the Antichrist or the Devil?

Lol. No!

I wanna work for Filthy Friday. Hire me!

We’re always looking for talented, energetic and fun people who can handle the pressure of a daylong party while finding the balance between work and fun. Send us your resume to info@filthyfriday.com and tell us why/when you’d like to work for us and who knows, we might figure something out!

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